Video Star



VIDEOSTAR specializes in audiovisual production , such as institutional and corporate videos, such as  Product, Environmental, Risk Prevention, Tourism Videos, etc ..


VIDEOSTAR takes care of listening to our clients needs (YES, WE LISTEN ) writing a script, which is approved by it.
Since that time , production starts : a team consisting of  director, producer, cameraman and assistant shoots where and what is necessary. This material is edited in state of the art computers incorporating the voices read by excellent speakers in the language required by the client . Finally incorporates original music composed and performed over the edited copy.  This results in an attractive product that has always been  appreciated by our clients .

We also have a long experience on translation and dubbing. Our speakers are native. You can rely on VIDEOSTAR’s dubbings & subtitling.


VIDEOSTAR offers a Video Crews  service of field recordings , in  Chile, Argentina & Perú ; recording on DigiBeta , DVCAM , HD, full HD, 2K & 4K formats.

VIDEOSTAR also does castings , hotel bookings, hire catering services,  car rentals  and generally supplies all the needs required by any shooting or production .


VIDEOSTAR also has a large bank of splendid images of Chile in video and photographic support , which are available to those who need them . Our rates are reasonable .